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Interview 1 - Personal Clients

It is with great pleasure that we are afforded the opportunity to share our thoughts about Evelyn. We have had the good fortune to hire Evelyn as a computer consultant throughout the past three years and during this time she has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to both our office and home lives.  Evelyn is extremely intelligent, highly skilled in her field, dependable, conscientious and very pleasant.  She is a very centered woman and has the ability to spread calmness even in tense situations.  We feel she is a role model for ethical work behaviors while also possessing the unique skills necessary to communicate effectively to varied audience levels.  Her caring demeanor, coupled with her driving personality will continue to make her a success in all of her future endeavors.

Joseph V. Calderone, D.M.D.
Tina L. Calderone, Ed.D.

Interview 2 - Co-Worker at IADT (International Academy of Design and Technology)

Evelyn and I have been co-workers for the past 4 years and she is truly a pleasant person to work with and know. Her strengths lie in her intelligence, patience, and trust. Evelyn possesses superb knowledge and skills and I consider her an expert in the computer software field. The amount of patience she displays towards our students is immeasurable and through this she gains the trust and respect that is well deserved. As for her future contributions, I see Evelyn as a person who can truly make a diffence in someone's life. Just as Evelyn can make a difference in training someone on the various software products, I see her applying the same care and patience in her future work with children. Evelyn is one of those rare individuals that can reach all types of personalities to gain their trust and respect. From that vantage point, she can teach even some of the the most difficult people that most would give up on.

Bill Davis, IADT Technology Coordinator

Interview 3 - Personal Client

Evelyn has been my Computer Angel for over four years. She is extremely knowledgeable and competent. For being so she is very patient and informative. She has always been prompt and efficient. Evelyn is a good listener and has an excellent memory. I believe both of these qualities will suit her well in her counseling career. Due to recent life changes I recently attended counseling sessions for a period of four months. The two most annoying qualities of my counselor were her inability to remember what we had discussed and her inability to devote her full attention to our discussion. With Evelyn’s listening and concentration skills I know she will succeed. Whether Evelyn decides to pursue counseling, teaching or technology she will succeed due to her determination, interest and perseverance.

Julie Dinklage, Coldwell Banker


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