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I believe that what I present to the world, and my sense of purpose, begins with me. Every action and interaction I experience in life provides opportunity for growth, learning, and change. Through my actions, my words, and my choices I have opportunity to plant seeds towards the growth, sense of belonging, and development of others. Therefore, I cultivate in myself positive intention, wisdom, and a sense of purpose, seeking transformation through the development of my personal truths and the evolution of my innate intuition. I maintain a strong personal conviction in the principles of integrity, honesty, courage, and altruism. I work towards having a positive impact on the world and of those whose path intersects or interweaves with my own. I experience life as a collaborative effort with individuals, partners, families or other systems, inspiring growth towards positive self fulfillment and esteem, remembering that I can not change others, but only plant the seeds; in doing so, I may never see the final results of my work, but rather hope that the resulting blossoms carry seeds of positive influence and opportunity into the world just the same.




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